Interesting facts about UAE

The country may surprise you with many interesting observations. Below are some that were found by us and are featured.

First, there is no alcohol, no alcoholic drink is served in any cafe or restaurant. Not in small regular ones. But you can see some beverages in Duty Free, but also 0% alcohol. It is a muslim country.

If you had too much caffeine and search for a calming agent, there are almost not calming agents. You may find 1-3 in a drug store and they are like dietary supplements but in a higher (5-6 times) than in Europe price range. So try to calm down using oud smell which you can find everywhere.

If you want to visit Museum of the Future, do not even try to purchase the tickets on-site, purchase them online 3 weeks in advance, because the places are limited.

When you see your place of destination is just 3 Km away from you, it may actually take you 10 min by taxi, because the place may not be walkable because of highways.

In some restaurants, that are not meat oriented but do serve steaks, you may find an ordinary price of steak of €60 but actually receive just 2 small meat slices, not like a food piece of 150 gr and above.

It is a WhatsApp culture – need consultancy at DED Cafe, want to connect to a real estate agent, inquire about jewellery in a famous shop – all on WhatsApp.

Internet is expensive, unlimited on mobile is be €80/mo and you can pay annually. The rent for an apartment is also annually, some is monthly, but mostly annually.

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