It started when I went to Dubai to unlock my account to continue the application for a freelance license. Nobody was replying on emails, the account was promised to be deleted in 14 days, while I could not login. So I went to Dubai to that authority responsible to solve this issue. In parallel, I was preparing to open a new company for one of our biotech customers to offer him a wholesale of pharmaceutical drugs. That project turned to be scam, but now I know everything about Free Zone and Mainland company setups as well as freelance license setup. And I am happy to offer you hustle-free lowest priced service that saves you time and money being a Dubai-local.

Freelance license

With us
  • dedicated account manager
  • no stuck application
  • local person in UAE to talk on-site
  • proper price estimation
  • filling out of application for you
  • no hustle, we take care of your documents
  • saved time for trips
Troubles you may have if go alone
  • pricing for application wrong estimated
  • application got stuck, portal unaccessible
  • need to arrive to solve – costs time and money $$
  • when arrived – different buildings, may need to take extra taxi to go a proper building that is located in other city quarter – means hustle, hustle…

Company Setup

With us
  • consulting on suitable type for your business, Free Zone/Mainland
  • optimum between price of license and a location & its advantages
  • saved time on trips $$ to see location and the surroundings on own eyes
  • fixed fee regardless of Zone – no benefit for us to show you more expensive Zones
  • total company setup costs can be as low as €3,300 for an LLC in Free Zone and great lively location incl. 1 Visa & 1 shareholder
  • opened within 2-3 days, total incl. visa – around 2 weeks
  • receive all documents incl. certificates of incorporation, Emirates ID, establishment card, etc.
Without us
  • high costs of trade license
  • high agent costs
  • incorporation in a Zone which you have not seen to decide whether will like such environment (office can be only in that Zone, not in the other)
  • lack of personal connection to an agent as most if not all communication is per email – a risk of misunderstanding
  • … as a result – overpaying and bad results of price-service ratio for the amount of money spent

✅ Support with VAT

✅ Assigned tax agent and a bookkeeper registered and authorised with a Federal Tax Authority of UAE

How it works

or you may skip this process and select a Setup package below directly

Schedule a free call


Introductory call to get to know us and be introduced to the process

1 hour consultancy + strategy document

€200 incl.tax

Tailor-made to your use case

Freelance or Company Setup Package

€1,200 or €2,400 incl. tax (respectively)

When placing an order you will be asked for documents, see the list here



Professional, fast, despite complexity.
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Friendly service, return again in future.
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