Why to select us – 10 things you should know

There are many companies that offer company setup service for UAE, but as we learned from own experience it is difficult to select as there is no transparency on what Zone to select or what is the most optimal price among different Zones and the location for your specific preferences. As for me, I did not want to be located in an area which is in the middle of the nowhere and has no cafes, restaurants or other services. One cafe for 5 towers and sand around is not very attractive. And in addition one can get there only with a car.

From this hustle the idea to offer company setup service arose. Clear, transparent, straight-forward.

  1. We are your very personal agent dedicated to the project

2. The costs are very much predictable together with the establishment process

3. We are you local partner on-site and can visit buildings when necessary

4. Our presence saves you money on trips and search for information

5. We do not give a preference to a one Free Zone, we work for your success not specific Zone marketing

6. Personalised advice on a company type that fits your needs

7. Your preferences of location and price point are considered

8. We have only a single no multiple fees

9. The delivery is very clear and within timeframe

10. You are informed on potential hurdles and time limits, what again saves you money over time.

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