Open a company in UAE

Tax paradise, great weather, low cost labor, no minimum salary – there are many advantages to open your company in UAE.

No tax attracts workers from all over the world. In addition to the ability to live low cost – the apartment in Sharjah can cost as low as €200/month – and save more than in Europe or USA.

The open hours of shops will also surprise you – malls are opened till midnight. Some shops are opened till 1 am and night life is as it says – the whole night. In fact, you do not feel when this country sleeps.

Quality of life is also high. Some may complain that there is infrastructure and human rights issue, but I can not agree with it. As a small country it is very accessible by car. In fact, you will love to have a car, because if you choose Metro, you may need to walk 1 kilometre inside the tunnel to get to the train, and then from the train coming down the bridge. Because all Metro is on the bridge, and first you need to get up, walk through labyrinth, and then come down.

Most of routes are not walkable because of highways, therefore own vehicle or taxi is good. Also, don’t be scary of it. If you go by bike you may be sick dead. It is because it is sun, hot and the distance … If you go from one place to another it may be 30 Km! You have no plan to go by bike, right? Therefore SUVs here are more popular than hatchbacks. Big comfortable cars, long distances, active use. Cost of fuel is around €0.8 per litre 95 gasoline.

When you ask for a location, people are used to point to an area, but that area/-s can be like 20-30 Km from you. To walk like 15-18 Km per day is normal here – and it is when you went just to 1-2 places, which are pretty close to each other! Now see how much you may want to have a vehicle 🙂

Another thing, inter city. It is when that what you need is located in another city. And you also go by a car or taxi. The railway is in a process of building, but so far vehicles are the main transport in a dessert. Pretty similar to the USA.

There is personal tax on income, but there will be a tax on company profit from June 2023, on profits above 375,000 AED (app.€100,000). BUT you can increase the salary for yourself or your employees in that year and show no funds left for tax. Nobody asks you why you increased your salary, you can have 1000 AED or 10 millions AED salary – your business.

There is no minimum salary. Your employees can not complain you have not paid the minimum or it is not a market rate. You may pay as low as 500 AED salary per month as long as you find the employee who can do the job for you for this money.

Employer may provide accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, and your money are just for food, clothes and savings.

There are many people from Germany, probably because of taxes, but Germany is 6-7 hr by plane from UAE, while India and Pakistan are 2-3 hours away by air. So there are many Indians and Pakistani. There are also many Phillipinos in beauty, hospitality, cleaning jobs.

The region is developing fast. In life science/medical alone, there are 18 universities with corresponding research and degrees. There are also new hospitals that get opened. The rulers are the family. Everything is named after them. Sheikh Zayed Road is an important street. There are Zayed University and Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University.

Construction is another important feature of the country. Everything is seems in the process of construction, there are many towers, each has a name, and more are built. Same for the railway, other important units.

In terms of healthcare, diabetes is a pretty popular disease. People value high level of medical care. Cosmetic clinics and beauty procedures are routine. The prices are higher than in Europe but quality of service and delivery is also better, people always go an extra mile here – more service, longer service.

Expect to come here for 2-3 years, for 1 year is not enough, before you settle and done with documents there will be couple of months.

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