What should you know about the weather in UAE

It is very hot. But it is a stereotype. When I arrived in January it was raining like cats and dogs. It was also cold, people were in English shoes and jackets. It was for 2 days, after that it became warmer, and now it is February and it is warm.

But in the evenings it gets colder, with a sunset. So you would need to have a jacket with you. The sunrise and the sunset are also slightly shifted from European ones. At 6-7 am it is still dark, and at 6 pm it is already dark.

When it is dark, it is also cold, but that depends on the night. There are also winds, in fact I love wearing scarf because it protects from sun and wind.

It is also slightly dirty, in a sense that your light colored clothes becomes brownish pretty fast. I even do not know where it comes from, the table and the surroundings seem to be always clean, but maybe it is some sand particles in the air that also get stick to your outfit.

Sand in a dessert. When you go on safari, the sand is so small, that when you do not have the nose closed with scarf, you will feel sand in mouth! Since I don’t want to spit I prefer to wear scarf.

Be careful when it is raining. The roads become the most slippery at the beginning not at the end or middle of the rain. Aquaplaning another issue, reduce speed to avoid it.

In general you will like the weather, it does not feel like work here, whatever you do is like a lifestyle. Because the beach is so close, you can leave the office and go for a walk or swimming. In fact, you can sleep overnight on the beach, there is always someone there, even if you come at midnight. This is if you are located in a beach possessing cities, if farther in a dessert, then not possible.

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