Why our pricing is so transparent

We do not like caveats. There are business models that work with multiple level pricing, but to optimise and overview such ones is pretty difficult. If you are a big company with multiple established products and models, the only what you can fine tune is marketing or your business model or slightly increment your product.

But as a start-up, coming out of nowhere, ease and clarity are the best. Once when still in Germany, I had to contact many (up to 7) companies that offer company setup services and their lack of clarity on what the final price will be, or more my frustration on not understanding which company and in which zone to setup, prompted me to visit the UAE in person and decide on-site.

The decision making is pretty straight forward once you know couple of variables that are significant to make a decision. For me, those are location, price, type of company (free or mainland).

The price between a setup of a Free Zone or a Mainland company is also the same. The reason is because it is the same procedure, but there are differences.

Freelance package, €1,200 our fee, may seem like a lot but in fact is not because it will cost you above €3,000 to come to UAE twice and because of lack of information from authorities you can not clearly overview the timeline and the costs. While we can provide clarity and the frame you can expect saving you time and money. Also service portals often have errors, are unavailable and so on, you need to come on-site and solve your problem. And for that, we are here, your outsourced partners.

It also takes time and multiple visits between buildings to find on-site the information you need. You will spend on taxi a lot, since buses come once per 30 min and mobile internet is a problem and is expensive. Taxi is your choice. And money go fast. Let us take this headache for you and get your documents done.

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